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Laser Engraving

We provide Top Quality Fiber Laser Engraving with the latest technology from Europe, our Fiber Laser can accomplish many different effects, from Snow White on Aluminium to Pitch Black on Stainless Steel, and multiple variations on plastic and leather.

Because of this amazing technology, we are able to brand large quantities of items in a very short space of time, allowing for our fast turnaround. We have done as many as 8000 units in a day.

Digital Printing

With the help of the latest advances in the promotional industry, we now offer a Full Colour Digital Print directly onto the item you wish to have branded. With vivid colours and a wide range of applications, Digital DTI is fast becoming the front-runner of high quality branding requirements, and is an extremely effective way of getting your brand out there.

Large Format Digital

Unparalleled versatility. Large Format Digital Printing takes this to the next level. Being able to print on a variety of materials for an even wider range of applications, this is truly remarkable and a great way to brand whatever items you may have that most other branding options would not work on. This method of printing allows us to print items and products from Banners to Fridge Magnets, from Dome Stickers to Wallpaper, whatever item you have, there will be an answer with this machine.

Dye Sublimation

The Newest addition to our fast growing business is Dye-Sublimation, the perfect branding option for your brand. With advances in product developement and the technology of sublimation, Previously non-brandable items have now become brandable in full colour, with minimal detail loss and a durable, lasting finish. From coffee mugs to mousepads, lanyards, aprons and drawstring bags, we now have the ability to push your brand further. By sourcing, importing, and supplying items suitable for sublimation, and branding in-house to ensure quality, we can make sure that your brand is noticed and bring your marketing material to the forefront.


Silkscreen Printing is one of the oldest printing techniques still used today. With advances is technology the process has become much easier and is still regarded as a standard in the industry. We pride ourselves in offering a high quality silk screening service for customers looking to make use of this 1-6 colour branding option.

Pad Printing

Pad Printing is regarded as one of the fastest methods of achieving 1-2 colour branding on your products. With a fully equipped pad printing division, we hold true to this and achieve great turnaround on your branding orders.


For those extra special occasions, we offer foiling and embossing on a wide range of items. Our foiling and embossing department is fully equipped for whatever you may need, and you can rest assured that the branding will be of the highest quality and will be a product you can be proud to hand to your client.